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Seeing the immediate results of anything we learn embeds the learning more quickly and means it sticks with us for a lifetime.

Developing the expertise of your leaders and managers is essential to the organisation’s success and gives your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Improving workplace skills sets you apart from your competitors and improves productivity. By having effective training programmes that steer employees towards their long-term career goals, you will promote job satisfaction and provide a solid foundation on which to build a formidable workforce.

By implementing effective workplace training, business efficiency comes as an almost immediate standard. With well-equipped, fully-trained managers, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that every aspect of your business will run effectively by your successful team of staff.

Our training is contextualised so that it matches their particular skill set and the areas that will benefit an organisation most. It’s not about training each member of staff to be a blueprint of one another at director level, it’s about looking at each employee as an individual, establishing where they are wanting their career to go and what best training practises can be implemented to benefit that particular business and its department.

Training provides employees with an incentive to learn. With regular training, both you and your employer are able to identify any skills gaps and by implementing a strategy where you’re able to address these at your own pace, your sense of job satisfaction will be improved almost immediately.

Brilliant leaders make brilliant things happen. But brilliant leaders aren't born, they are made. They are made through developing themselves and acquiring new skills and knowledge. Developing leadership and management skills is crucial to success.


The Quayside School delivers funded workplace learning through apprenticeships, more specifically higher & degree apprenticeships. From 1st August 2016, apprenticeships will be the only way to combine government funding and training to improve your workforce.

We are enrolling now for the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) programme, one of the most important, progressive and exciting developments across workplace learning and education. You can read more about the CMDA and apprenticeships in general on the links below.

About new apprenticeships
The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

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