Open University

We are proud to be a validated partner institution of the Open University.


With 174,739 students, the OU is the largest academic institution and their mission is to be open to people, places, ideas and methods. They work in partnership with both national and local organisations like UCQ and open up higher education to underrepresented groups, reaching out to potential students in their communities. Their sharing of expertise is a reasoning of why we can grow as a University.

The development of our relationship with the OU has been highly positive and continues to grow as an educational partnership. The OU continuously promotes educational opportunity by providing high-quality university education to UCQ. The values and experiences of our students is a common importance and this creates the success of why the apprenticeship degree is beneficial for both employers and employees within any business. 

The programmes in the Professional Management subject have been developed by us at UCQ and have been validated through a process of external peer review by The Open University (OU) as being an appropriate standard and quality to lead to the OU validated award of BA (Hons) Professional Management.