Work-based learning

Work-based learning allows employees to develop key skills that will directly benefit both them and the organisation they work for.

It is this method of learning, derived from real work and real life experiences, and accepting how inextricably linked both activities are, that allows organisations and employees to grow and successfully meet both business and career objectives.

Traditionally learning is often knowledge based, focusing on the result of final exams taken following on from a period of study.

This method allows for little or no time spent gaining practical experience in the workplace. Our learning programmes, however, equally assesses the knowledge, skills, and behaviours acquired in the workplace.

Our programme is delivered and assessed using a range of activities such as assignments, projects, case studies, group working, workbooks, presentations, research, and actual working practice. Employees aren’t required to sit an exam, furthermore, there is no requirement for anyone to attend a university campus.

Alternatively, time is spent on gaining immediate results from what employees learn. New skills and knowledge embed quicker which means new skills can stick with students for a lifetime.

At University Centre Quayside, we guide our learners on their path not only to learn, but to also grow and excel in a way that traditionally was never thought possible; until now.

Workplace training makes smart business sense and organisations that implement such training programmes are known to enjoy long-term gains on their investment.

Flexibility and efficiency in your workforce are increased thanks to effective cross-training of employees. The likelihood of low staff morale and a reduction in business efficiency is reduced as a result of employees appreciating the investment their employer has made in their future career; expanding their skill sets allowing them to put their training into practice with vigour and enthusiasm.

Due to this very ethos, the collective goal set by UCQ, in-line with both the long-term strategic intentions laid out by employers and its employees, ensures that tangible benefits are achieved including greater productivity and profitability.

UCQ’s programmes are contextualised so that they match a particular skill set with the areas that will benefit an organisation most. It’s not about training each member of staff to be a blueprint of one another at director level, it’s about looking at each employee as an individual, establishing where they are wanting their career to go and what best training practices can be implemented to benefit that particular business and its department.