About Us

By ensuring excellence in all that we do, we are able to help organisations and their employees to achieve excellence in all that they do.

We specialise in leadership and management courses that help people to develop key skills to support their career progression and help enrich their working life together with that of the teams they lead and manage.

The School and the wider Nimis group deliver in the region of 1,500 accredited qualifications each year operating in a progressive partnership with selected HE/FE colleges and universities.

We deliver courses that span many industry sectors, including; manufacturing, retail, food production, health care, and service industries. Since 2009, the Quayside School of Higher Education team has supported apprentices across the North East of England with their specialist courses also benefiting employees in London, too.

We provide a range of intermediate, advanced and higher level qualifications, from apprentice manufacturing operatives through to senior executives.

The School specialises in supporting existing employees at all levels, as well as those that favour a vocational rather than an academic university education. This approach has been proven to work because there is a tripartite between the School, the employee and the organisation, all working together to share success and achieve lasting results.

Our courses always include a strong focus on experiential learning, and contextualisation of assignments directly related to an individual’s job role – ensuring that maximum benefits are realised for everyone involved.

Gaining immediate results from what we learn embeds new skills and knowledge quicker and means it can stick with us for a lifetime. At the Quayside School we guide our learners on their path not only to learn, but to also grow and excel.

Our historic building is a landmark on the banks of the River Tyne. The grade II* listed building was built in the 1890’s for the Newcastle school board, and we are proud to retain its original educational purpose, now as the Quayside School of Higher Education.

We are excited to dovetail experienced apprenticeship delivery and provision of management qualifications to be one of the first to offer the Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA).